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  • How do I qualify for the application?

    Anyone, regardless of nationality, age or race, can participate.

  • What is the copyright of the application?

    The copyright belongs to the original copyright holder, and the authorship property rights to the winning work belong to the Korean Culture and Information Service.

  • What are the categories of this year?

    There are total 6 categories, including Video, Photo, Webtoon, Illustration, Mobile and Special Topic PyeongChang.

  • What should I do if one entry overlaps multiple categories?

    Please select only one of the categories you want to submit.

  • Can I submit multiple works?

    Yes. You can submit multiple works.

  • Is it possible to participate as a team?

    Yes. Participating as a team is available and there is no limit to the number of team members. However, only one prize will be given to each entry.

  • How can I check the winners announcement?

    It will be announced on the official website and winners will be notified individually.

  • Can the winners of last year participate in the Talk Talk Korea 2017 Contest?

    Yes. The winners of last year can also participate if they submit a new entry.

  • What if I have an inquiry about the contest?

    If you have inquiries, please use Q&A board on the website.

  • Can I use my native language when I write contest documents or ask contest related inquiries?

    Documents submitted at the time of application, description of works and Q&As are only available in English and Korean.

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  • Fryda Sánchez

    what if you win the 1st place as a team, it will be given a flight ticket for each team member?

  • Maritza Vanegas

    hola yo queria saber si puedo o no editar la foto de las poses para los juegos pyeonchang

  • Carol Begambre

    Hello! I would like to ask important, because the winners of the talk talk korea 2017 have been announced, I do not know if we should send them an email or are you the ones who will contact the winners?

  • The2are1

    What is Winning work special video?

  • Beatriz ML

    where is voting winners announcement? (talktalk box for vote)

  • Betül Sert

    Hello! :) I have some questions. Firstly can we use photoshop for the selfie foto? Is the foto important ? So will you choose the winner if the pic is good? And what do you mean imitating the representative poses of the videos ?

  • Şeyma Esma Uygun

    where is voting winners announcement? (talktalk box for vote

  • Natalia Chandra

    Hi, how about the winners confirmation, will you send the email for the winners?

  • Karla Aguilera

    Hellooo!!! what's winning special video?

  • Pearl Di

    Hi talktalkkorea I have a question.. So if my work is about pyeongchang is it fine to send them to different categories? Because I asked it on your facebook page but I think you delete it. My point is if your work is about pyeongchang then they should send it to that category? Right? That's why there's "Pyeongchang Category".

  • Zaraa Helat

    what kind of a price do the winner of the online voting get?

  • Chichi Anieee

    what time will you announce the winner

  • Mica

    I have confirmed that my entry is a personal creation today... is it to late? sorry

  • Ada Sakura

    Hi ,how to confirm that my entry is a personal creation?

  • Sue Moon

    Hello, I have a question, I sent my entry through e-mail since the site wasn't working, but I never got a reply of receiving it, how can I know if you did? thank you.

  • Dpnkshi

    if i win something like everyday giveaway event, does this mean that i can't win in other events?

  • florence m

    Hello. I know you're very busy with everything, I just hope that my work is participating in the contest(illustration and video). Does not having received an confirmation e-mail(I sent my work via email) mean I'm not participating? Thank you.

  • violeta lara

    hola,quisiera saber si los candidatos a participar por el gran premio también compiten con los de votacion despues de las votaciones , o ellos obtienen otros premios y ya no participan para el premio final?

  • axelle xiao

    Does it mean that those nominated for the vote has more chance of winning than those who were not?

  • Minh Ngoc Vo

    Hi, I know the contest is now closed. But I just want to know if my entries for Pyeongchang and Illustration (email: have already been received yet. I sent them to your Gmail (not on the website) but haven't received any confirmation letters. I tried to ask you on many channels (Facebook, Instagram, Email) but i haven't received any replies. I know you're super busy these days but i just want to make sure that all my entries had already sent successfully. Hope all my efforts for this contest would never be worthless. Thank you!

  • ida

    Hi, if you didn't make it to the nominated entries, does that mean that you can no longer get in first place?

    Even though you are not a candidate for a voting event, you can possibly be the one who wins the Talk Talk Korea 2017 Contest.

  • Emalyn Magtoto

    will you choose the grand winner and 2nd place from the nominees on the voting event?

    This popularity voting event is not 100% related to the final winners (partially related).

  • Betül Sert

    If you are not nominated for the voting event, does that mean that you are eliminated? or will there be any other elimination after this?

    The popularity voting event is not 100% related to the final winners (partially related). Even though you are not a candidate for a voting event, you can possibly be the one who wins the Talk Talk Korea 2017 Contest.

  • Khritisha Dodhybul

    Hello, where could I find the voting page please?

    You can vote from the voting page

  • Reham A. Lasheen

    Hello , regarding the voting syste, , Do the works that wasn't included have no chance of winning for the grand prize ?

    Even though you are not a candidate for a voting event, you can possibly be the one who wins the Talk Talk Korea 2017 Contest.

  • Cveti Pashovska

    Hello ! When will you post the winners? Today?

    Winners of the contest will be announced on July 24th and the winners of the voting event will be announced on July 25th.

  • Dpnkshi

    how do i participate in online voting ?

    You can visit a voting page (link below) to vote!

  • Aurora Drăculea Tepes

    Where i could find the voting page??

    You can visit a voting page (link below) to vote!

  • Karen Bermúdez

    El ganador en la votación Online es el que lleva el premio mayor?

    Este evento de votación de popularidad no está 100% relacionado con los ganadores finales (parcialmente relacionados). Aunque usted no es un candidato para un evento de votación, posiblemente puede ser el que gana el concurso Talk Talk Korea 2017.

  • Karen Bermúdez

    Buenos días. Disculpe, cuanto tiempo más tardaran en abrir las votaciones?. Muchas personas están eufóricas y ansiosas por la votación. No tarden tanto, por suerte es de noche en mi país así que podre descansar pero por favor no demoren demasiado. Estuve toda mi tarde pensando en votar. Muchas gracias.

    El evento de votación durará 5 días (12 de julio al 16 de julio) Los ganadores del concurso serán anunciados el 24 de julio Y los ganadores del evento de votación serán anunciados el 25 de julio.

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