• ㅇ Title : What I 'DISCOVER' about Korea
    • ㅇ Elibility : Any non-Korean national
  • ㅇ Description : Capture through photos any aspect of Korea (i.e., Korean festivals or events, activities of Korean culture clubs or Korean restaurants) all over the world, anyone abroad enjoying Korean culture or Korean culture that appeals to everyone worldwide.
  • ㅇ Application period: June 15-July 31, 2022
  • ㅇ Field: Photography

ㅇ How to enter

1. Submit a photo(s) you took yourself
2. Photo size
- 5460 x 5890 or larger(include meta data)

ㅇ Upload to social media

1. Upload to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
2. Attach the hashtags #talktalkkorea2022 #TTK_discover.
3. Include a description of work in the caption.

ㅇ How to upload the works and confirm the application

  • 1. Visit the website
    2. Click "Apply" on the detailed page for the relevant field.
    3. Enter the title, description, and URL and click "Apply" to complete the application.
    ※ Registration as a member is required to enter the contest.
  • 4. Confirmation of an application can be found on the My Page section.

(If there is no title or description, there may be disadvantages in the review process.)


1st place (1 person) – 2022 K Button (Gold), Invitation to Visit Korea
2nd place (2) – 2022 K Button (Silver), Galaxy smartphone
3rd place (3) – Galaxy tablet PC
4th place (4) – USD 100 gift card
5th place (10) – USD 50 gift card

ㅇ Judging 

  • 1. The judging committee will select 20 finalists from the entries.
  • 2. The winners will be decided through voting (20%) and judges’ scores (80%).

ㅇ Precautions

  • 1. Multiple works may be submitted , and duplicate awards are possible iif the winning entries are in separate categories.
  • 2. The trip to Korea is for one person only.
  • 3. Only public posts can be judged among entries.
    4. Only works uploaded this can be submitted.
    5. An entrant is solely responsible for resolving any copyright issues
    6. The Korean Culture and Information Service eserves the right to reprocess and reuse submissions as content.
    7. The Korean Culture and Information Service may use submissions as work for for display at its exhibitions.
    8. Twelve of the submissions will be selected for use in the 2023 overseas promotional calendar of the Korean Culture and Information Service to enhance the nation's global image (copyright fees will be paid).
    9. Depending on shipping circumstances, gifts may be changed.
    10. Taxes incurred from winning a prize must be paid by the recipient following confirmation of receipt.
    11. An entrant who commits a copyright violation will be disqualified even if nominated for a prize or designated a winner.
    12. If COVID-19 makes it difficult to visit Korea, the trip prize may be changed.


What I 'DRAW' about Korea


What I 'DISCOVER' about Korea


What I 'LISTEN TO' from Korea

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