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  • When and how will online voting begin?

    The first online voting stage will start on the 25th of July, Korea time. The online vote is open, so anyone can participate! The winner of this year is in your hands!

  • Is there any reason the online voting is occurring in 4 steps?

    The online vote is a survival form. The 5th prize winner will be decided during the first online vote, the 4th prize winner will be decided during the second online vote, and the 3rd prize winner will be decided during the third online vote. The grand prize winner and 2nd prize winner will be decided during the last online voting stage.

  • How are winners selected? Is it 100% the number of votes?

    The winner will be selected by combining 60% of expert evaluation scores and 40% of the online poll results. Also, you need to upload your work on social media as your work is advanced to the finals, and extra points will be given if your work gets high numbers of likes, shares, views, etc.  on social media channels.

  • Will all work go to the online voting stage? Or are there any steps before the online voting?

    Not all work will go to the online voting stage. Before an online poll, experts/judges in the content field will conduct an internal review and select 75 works in total (15 works per subject).

  • Are there any standards or criteria of internal evaluation?

    In accordance with the slogan “Find Korea in your country,” the work that best describes this year’s subjects (K-Food, K-Beauty & Style, K-Music & Drama, Peace on the Korean Peninsula, etc.) and is well expressed with creative and sympathetic content will be selected.

  • How do I qualify to apply for the contest?

    Anyone can apply, regardless of nationality, age or race.

  • Who owns the copyright of a submitted work?

    The work’s copyright belongs to its creator but the property belongs to the Korean Culture and Information Service.

  • What are the categories for this year?

    There are five categories: Korean food, beauty & style, music & drama, other Korean cultural elements (hanbok, hanguel, taekwondo, etc.), and a special category, peace on the Korean peninsula.

  • How should I apply if my work could fit in more than one category?

    You can apply for more than one category. However, you can be awarded in only one category and receive only one prize.

  • Can I submit more than one work?

    Yes, you can.

  • Is it possible to join the contest as a team?

    Yes, you can join the contest as a team; there is no limit to the number of team members. However, a winning team will be given only one prize and one certificate.

  • How can I check the winners?

    The winners will be listed on the official website and will be notified individually.

  • Can last year’s winners join the 2018 Talk Talk Korea Contest?

    Yes, past winners can join as long as they submit new entries.

  • How can I inquire about the contest?

    You can leave an inquiry on the Q&A board on the official website.

  • Can I use my native language to fill out the forms or make inquiries?

    Either English or Korean can be used for the application, the explanation of your work, and any inquiries.

  • Do I need to prepare VISA/PASSPORT to go to Korea?

    If you seleceted as the grand prize winner and have a chance to go to Korea, You may need to prepare VISA/PASSPORT. And Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs will help to issue VISA if it is delayed.

  • If I participate in the contest as a team and if we win the prize, can other team memger go to Korea?

    All the prize will be given to one person per team and there are no exceptions for the grand prize winners. Other member except the grand prize winner can join the trip but in this case, tickets and other travel expenses will not supported.

  • If other team member prepare plane tickets and travel expenses, are they able to join the trip?

    Yes, they can join the trip.

  • I am a minor. If I win the grand prize, do I need to accompanied by an adults or parents?

    There will be a guardian/tour guide who will take care of and help the grand prize winners. Thus, You don't need to worry about it and can visit Korea alone. Parents can joint the trip but travel expenses/tickets are not supported."

  • If I win the grand prize, but not able to join the trip due to personal reasons, is there any alternative prizes?

    In this case, there are no alternative prizes. Other winner candidate will get a chance to be a grand prize winner

  • I am a minor. Can I participate in the contest?

    Yes you can do! Regardless of age,nationality, or race, anyone can participate in the contest

  • Where I upload my works?

    Please find the 'Participation Now!' buttons on the main page. It is located at the middle of the page and right side. After you click it, you will be taken to the participation page. On participation page, You can upload your works.

  • Do I have to upload both Youtube URL and Compress file?

    You can upload one of them. It doesn't matter that you upload both of them as well

  • Can I upload several works in different subjects?

    Yes you can. You can upload more than one works!

  • Can I apply for several categories in one subject?

    Yes you can do

  • Can I apply for several subjects?

    Yes you can apply for more than one subjects with several categories. But in this case, you will be awarded in one subjects.

  • If I select in multiple subjects, do I get every prize?

    You will be awarded in only one subject and one prize

  • Can I resend/submit again same work? Because I made a mistake when I fill in the forms or I sent wrong files

    Yes you can re-send/submit again same work

  • Can I include all the subjects in one work? For example, if I make a video, can I contain K-Music,K-Food,etc? or all the subject?

    Please select one subject and express it. Because the winners will be selected by the subjects. If you want to include all the subjects, please make your work in different subjects. Applying for several subject is allowed.

  • Is K-Music & Drama / K-Beauty & Style is one subject? Or separated?

    It is one subject. However, you can select one of them or you can include both in your work.

  • Can I use K-Pop artist Music Video or one scene of K-Drama in my work?

    There are no restriction on how to express the subject through your work. But keep in mind that submitted work should be pure creation. You can use it but you can't just play a whole Music Video on your work.

  • Is the final winner will be selected by subject? Or category?

    It wil be selected by this year's subject

  • Can I draw my favorite K-Pop artist fanart? Or can I K-pop dance cover in my video?

    If it is related to the subject, there are no restrictions on how to express the subject through your work.

  • Do I have to follow the explanation guidelines? Or is it just explanation?

    You don't have to follow it . Explanation guidelines are just example for your reference and understanding

  • Can you explain about voting process? Is it internal vote or open vote?

    Online voting is open. So everyone can participate in the voting process

  • Is it Okay to use my native/mother language in my works? Or Should I have to speak English or Korean?

    In your work, you can use your mother language. But to fill out the forms, leave inquiries on Q&A section, Please use English or Korean

  • I am going to use background images but it may have copyright. Is it okay to use it?

    It is better to use copyright free images

  • I am about to participate in the contest. But I can't find my country. Can I still participate in this contest?

    We are sorry for your inconvenience. We are going to take your feedback and will update soon. For now, Please select etc to participate in the contest.

  • If my nationalty and the country where I live are different, which nationality should I select? And which address to put?

    Please select your Country of Birth in nationality and put your current address in address. Address is needed to send the prize if you will be selected as a winner

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  • Alanis Llauger

    Hello, there will not be a second chance to win? :/

  • Юрий Бобур

    Я хочу отдать голос за участника как это сделать

  • Юрий Бобур

    Как я могу проголосовать за участника

  • Юрий Бобур

    Голосование на конкурсе

  • Vic Frost

    Hello Talk Talk Korea! :) There are some finalists with highly qualitative works but they have few followers which could support them in social media. Even if their works are as good and creative as works from finalists with high number of followers. So how much do SNS posts matter in the result?

  • Aline Paulo Rocha

    Hello. I would like to know what SNS is so I can send my drawing. thanks

  • Learn. Creat

    Hi, I am one of the finalist for the program and I have my lucky nickname as my first name when I submitted. Can I change my first name. Please let me know.

  • don stefano

    i just upload my work on my SNS, how i can get the point? because you dont know the link of my work. should i email the link of my work to talktalkkorea ?. thank you talk talk korea team. fighting!

  • Candy Papapiggy

    Hello! I'd like to ask, will the number of votes in accumulate over the stages, or will it reset to 0 on each stage? thankyou ^^

  • Cy Vilya

    Regarding to my last question: So do you have me to send my video again via Email?

  • Ok Lim

    Sorry, I have question, regarding the notice about uploading our creation on our SNS, do we need to tag talktalkkorea page in every entry in our creation that we posted in our SNS? Or we just need to put on hashtag? Thank you very much.

  • Ariadna Flores

    Did you finish sending the mails? I'm a bit worried because there is my name in 6th place winners but I haven't received it:(

  • Purishira Fuumi

    How do we know tht we are the winners?? Or if they're choosen as the winner??

  • Ловец Снов

    Hallo, I did not receive a letter...My name is Anna. Without second name. Can you tell me,did you sent a message to this member, or maybe I'm not winner, and we have same names.

  • Lucía Gonazalez

    Buen día, una inquietud: cual fue el criterio que usaron para escoger los finalistas en cada categoria?? Vi un castillo muy lindo hecho a mano que no fue escogido en la categoria (Paz de la península Coreana)

    Hi, I can't tell you the detailed internal criteria but every factors and possibility are considered including quality of works, how well the subjects are expressed, messages, and more on. Thanks

  • Cristina Mr

    I got an email saying that prizes will be send to the adress of the form we filled, but it can't be changed? (I don't trust my country mailing system so i usually get this by a courrier in miami)

    Hi, I am sorry but the prize will be sent to the submitted address. Thank you

  • Elena Dobrokhlop

    Hello. Can I find out what I got the prize for? for completing the survey? Or does it go like a consolation prize for good works that have a little misunderstood the theme of the competition?

    Hi, For the survey event information, Please visit Talk Talk Korea Facebook page for detail information. Thank you

  • Hilda Alvarez

    ¿Se irán mostrando los ganadores de los demás premios en ciertas fechas? Gracias:)

    On the online voting page, you can see the winner's work! Thanks

  • Valeria Galarza

    Hello! i have some questions, I have to upload my web comic in Instagram and Facebook, today? or I have to wait for july 25, 9:00 am to upload? and i want toask if is only one SNS chanel or it can be my both chanel (instagram and facebook)? Thanks for reading !

    Hi, You can upload your works from now. And you can upload your all SNS channel. For that, We will send email again so you can check it later :)

  • Kiel Cole

    I believe someone who may have won copied my video, is there anything I can do about that?

    Hi, Can you leave detail information again on the Q&A board? Then we will check and will send email to you. Thank you

  • Ale Q

    Hola, una pregunta. Si quedé en lo de fotos tengo que subir todas las que envié a las redes sociales? O una sola? Y que redes sociales cuentan? Todas o solo una? Gracias.

    Hi, Yes please upload your submitted photos on your Facebook or Instagram or etc (Your social accounts) Also, it counts all. Thank you

  • kawtar Enouari

    Hi, I didn't receive any email, does that mean that i am not one of the winners? and what's with "the finalits", i need an explanation please. thank you.

    Hi, Can you check your name on the list first? And We sent the email to the 6th prize winners and the finalists. If you can't find your name on the list and don't receive the email, I am sorry but you are not on the list. Thanks.

  • Cy Vilya

    I received the confirmation mail that I'm one of the finalists. Now I've got a question to point 4: So if we upload our work on facebook/twitter/Instagram we'll get extra points by the jury if we get many likes? And I don't know which of my projects got into the final round - since I send photos as well as a video in this category. But it's says that we should send our video again via email (I already send it as data and link during the application)

    Hi, All the participants need to upload their works on their SNS and as they get the high reaction, there will be some extra points on the internal evaluation. If you received e-mail that said send video again, Your video works are selected. Thank you

  • Нанами Ичиро

    Hello ! How can I find out if I'm in the final or not? Because my name is 'Anna' and probably a lot of people were with the same name

    Hi, For the 6th prize winners and the finalists, The email was sent the day before yesterday. If you don't receive the email, I am sorry but you are not on the list. Thanks for your participation and the interest!

  • Alisik Push Up

    Добрый день! Как то естт возможность узнать, участвовали ли вообще моя работа в конкурсе? Отправилась ои она? Заранее спасибо!

  • Evra

    Hi! Did finalists get an email or only the winners? Im also a little unsure if I made it because its the dame category and first name but theres no surname so I dont know if thats me. I find it strange because thr other finalists have threir whole names. Was Anna Nguyen one of the finalists in the category etc.?

    Hi, The email was sent to only 6th prize winners and the finalists. So if you are not received the email, I am sorry but you are not on the list. Thanks

  • Дарья Соловьёва

    ЭТО финалисты только 6 места или всех мест?

    Hi, can you leave your inquiry more in details? then I can give you proper answer:) Thanks

  • Pina Poo

    What if the finalist doesn't receive the email?

    Email is sent to all yesterday and I just checked your mail address and email is sent to you as well. Please check your mail. Thanks

  • andry yulieth Andrade Medina

    Donde se puede la lista de seleccionados ,ya que era publicada el 17 de julio?

    You can see the winners list on the main page. Thank you

  • Katherine Laura

    when will the email arrive to the winners of the survey?

    Email to the winners of the survey will be sent today. Thank you

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