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  • Participants under the age of 14 must obtain the consent of their legal guardian when participating in the competition.
    If it is later discovered that consent was not obtained, the participant will be disqualified from the evaluation process and
    will not be eligible for any awards.
  • You can submit multiple entries for the contest, but duplicate awards are not allowed. Each participant is limited to one award.
  • The submitted work should be the individual's pure creation without the assistance of others or AI.
    It should not imitate or plagiarize the work of others. If any legal issues occur, such as copyright infringement
    due to the participant's mistake, the participant will be restricted from joining the competition,
    and they will be solely responsible for resolving any legal disputes related to the matter.
  • When participating in the competition, the following cases may result in exclusion from the evaluation
    or disqualification from receiving an award:
  • Cases where there is a risk of infringing upon or violating the rights of a third party.
  • Cases where it damages the reputation of others or contains illegal information.
  • Cases where it deviates from the competition theme or does not meet the submission specifications.
  • Cases where the work contains illegal or lascivious content.
  • Cases where it is confirmed that the work is not the individual's pure creation but has received assistance from others or machines (AI).
  • Please be aware that matters not specified in this notice will be governed by relevant laws and guidelines from
    the respective authorities.
  • The participant can be disqualified even after being selected as a candidate or confirmed as
    an award recipient if a copyright issue occurs.
  • The contents created by the participants can be further reused by the Korean Culture and Information Service.
  • The contents created by the participants can be used as exhibition pieces by the Korean Culture and Information Service.
  • Prizes may be subject to change depending on shipping circumstances.
  • The recipient is responsible for verifying and paying any taxes incurred when redeeming the prize.
  • The invitation to visit Korea for the first-place winner is limited to one person.
  • If the winner is unable to visit Korea due to personal issues, the prize may be subject to change.