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K- music. Only - Lee hi (spanish version)


First, my whole life has been surrounded by music, my passion is singing. 

I listened to this song (only) a long time ago because I like it a lot, she's an amazing singer!. 

K-pop music has inspired me a lot to improve every day, it's very inspiring to see South Korean singers, their way of dedicating themselves to what they do is admirable because they prepare for everything, and that's an example to follow for me. 

I don't miss any video of any K-pop group, especially my favorites, BTS, Blackpink, and Stray Kids. 

I love Lee Only's song, since I heard it.

 it transmitted me a lot of peace and love, and the version shown here is in Spanish because I want to share in my language how beautiful love is and how beautiful this music is, 

especially want to show that the language barrier doesn't really exist, music unites us through emotions, and how nice to be able to share talent from other cultures, from Korean culture. 

Thank you very much. I hope with all my heart that you like my video.